Derecho fiscal

Tax Strategy

We carry out a detailed, personalised study of the company’s situation in order to reduce the overall tax burden.

Specialised Legal-Tax Advice

This includes services related to any special projects that may occasionally arise in the course of the company’s activities.

  • Tax audits and handling of summonses received from tax administration offices.
  • Corporate restructuring operations (mergers, spin-offs, contribution of business lines, etc.).
  • Fiscal due diligence prior to the execution of an investment or disinvestment.
  • Related party transaction documentation.
  • Succession studies and plans from both civil and fiscal perspective.

Recurring Tax, Accounting and Legal Services

This is work that is associated with the company’s daily economic activities and therefore happens on a recurring basis.

Filing personal income tax, value added tax, corporate income tax (individual and consolidated) and economic activity tax forms and keeping with business accounting records.

Staying abreast of changes that affect our clients’ business.